Do Lizards Eat Cockroaches?

Lizards and cockroaches are both commonly found in many households around the world. While cockroaches are considered unwelcome pests, lizards often enjoy a more favorable reputation as natural pest control agents

Lizards’ Diet and Feeding Habits

Lizards are known to be opportunistic feeders and have diverse dietary preferences. Their diet primarily consists of insects, including cockroaches, making them potentially valuable allies in controlling cockroach populations. However, it is important to note that different species of lizards may have varying feeding habits and preferences.

Do Lizards Eat Cockroaches?

Yes, lizards do eat cockroaches. Many species of lizards, such as geckos and anoles, have a voracious appetite for small insects, including cockroaches. These reptiles are equipped with sharp teeth and a quick strike reflex, allowing them to catch and consume various types of insects, including cockroaches, as part of their natural diet.

Advantages of Lizards as Cockroach Predators

Natural Pest Control

Lizards offer a chemical-free and environmentally friendly solution for managing cockroach populations. They can naturally keep the numbers of these pests in check without the need for chemical pesticides.


Lizards are agile creatures capable of reaching crevices and corners where cockroaches often hide. Their slender bodies and climbing abilities enable them to access areas that may be challenging for other pest control methods.

Constant Surveillance

Lizards are active primarily during the night, which coincides with the peak activity time of cockroaches. Their presence in your home can provide continuous surveillance and control of these pests, even when you are not actively monitoring the situation.

Low Maintenance

Unlike chemical treatments or traps, lizards require minimal maintenance once they have established themselves in your home. They are self-sufficient predators that require little intervention from homeowners.

Encouraging Lizards for Cockroach Control

If you are interested in utilizing lizards as natural pest control for cockroaches, consider the following tips:

Provide Suitable Habitat

Create a lizard-friendly environment by ensuring there are hiding spots, such as rocks, plants, or hollow logs, in your garden or near your home. These hiding spots will attract lizards and encourage them to stick around.

Avoid Pesticides

Minimize or eliminate the use of chemical pesticides, as they can harm both lizards and their food sources. Pesticides may also discourage lizards from inhabiting your space.

Ensure a Water Source

Lizards require water, and providing a water source such as a shallow dish or fountain can attract them to your garden or outdoor spaces.

Reduce Clutter

Cockroaches thrive in cluttered areas, so keeping your home clean and free of unnecessary clutter will discourage both cockroaches and their potential predators.

Outdoor Lighting

Consider using outdoor lighting that attracts insects, as this can attract lizards as well. However, be cautious about indoor lighting attracting insects closer to your living areas.


Lizards can be valuable allies in controlling cockroach populations. Their natural hunting instincts and feeding habits make them effective predators of these pests. By providing suitable habitats and avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, you can encourage lizards to inhabit your surroundings and contribute to the natural pest control of cockroaches. However, it’s important to remember that relying solely on lizards may not be sufficient for severe infestations, and professional pest control methods may be necessary.

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