5 Cockroach Repellents to get rid of Roaches

Use of Natural Cockroach Repellent Sprays, essential oils, roach-repellent plants, and ultrasonic devices are common cockroach repellent methods. The effectiveness of each method is different and also depends on environmental conditions. All these methods help you to make your house free from roaches. The natural repellent like plants, and essential oils are best methods because these are environment friendly and have no side effects.

Natural Cockroach Repellent Spray

Using a natural cockroach-repellent spray is a great way to deal with roaches in your home. These little creatures can be a big nuisance. They can spread germs and diseases and be hard to remove. The best way to deal with roaches is to avoid them in the first place. The best natural cockroach repellent is one that doesn’t use poisons. It is also non-toxic and safe for your family and pets.

One way to make a spray is to add essential oils to the water. Peppermint is a good choice. You can also mix eucalyptus oil with water. Eucalyptus has a strong menthol scent that is very effective at repelling roach. Another natural cockroach repellent is citronella oil. Citronella is not toxic and is also pet friendly. You can also make a cockroach spray with Neem oil.

Cockroach Repellent Indoor

Whether you have a small or a large cockroach infestation, there are several types of cockroach repellents that can help. It is important to choose a repellent that is effective and safe for your family and home.

Some people have had success using essential oils to kill cockroaches. Some essential oils are lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon oil. These types of sprays work directly on the cockroaches. However, they have little to no residual effect.

If you are looking for an effective cockroach repellent, you should choose an insecticide that contains pyrethrum extract. Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemums. It is also used in many insecticides. Pyrethrum can be diluted with water to make a spray that is effective on roaches. This product is effective against roaches, spiders, and other common interior pests.

Cockroach Repellent Plants

Using Plants for Cockroach repellent can be a great way to keep these pests from causing problems. These plants are natural and safe for you and your family. They also add a decorative and functional touch to your home and garden.

Several plants have strong scents that roaches don’t like. They also provide shelter and food for beneficial insects. These plants also deter other pests, such as spider mites, palmetto bugs, and cockroaches.


Rosemary is a great plant to grow and use for repelling roaches. It is also easy to grow indoors in a container. Rosemary does not require much water, and it grows up to six feet tall.


Lemongrass is another great plant to use for cockroach repellent. It is a perennial plant that grows well in full sun. It also contains high amounts of citronella, a natural insect repellent.


Catnip is another natural insect repellent that is effective against roaches. Catnip plants are also low-maintenance and grow well in the sun. They can be grown outside in a pot or planted in your garden.

Ultrasonic Roach Repellent

These devices emit a high-frequency ultrasonic sound that can confuse and scare cockroaches away from their nests. They also claim to be able to keep new roaches from entering your home. However, there is not enough evidence to prove that they work. Ultrasonic insect repellents also act on the nervous systems of rats and mice.

These products do not work as well as the more conventional chemical insecticides. They can be effective in 100-150 square meters but may be ineffective over a larger area. Ultrasonic roach repellents can work well indoors, but may not be effective outdoors. To repel roaches, you should clean up pet waste, avoid leaving food out overnight, and clean up standing water in sinks and bathtubs. You should also vacuum after meals.

Roach Repellent Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural plant extracts used for many years as insect repellents. These oils are diluted with water, vinegar or rubbing alcohol to make a spray. You can use this solution on countertops, doors, and pipes to keep roaches away. They can also be poured down drains.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most effective roach repellents. It has an eye-watering scent and is also toxic to cockroaches. You can mix it with other essential oils to make a stronger solution.

Cedar oil

Cedar oil is also an effective roach repellent. It has a strong smell and can keep bugs and roaches away for days. It also repels moths and other bugs.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has calming and relaxing properties. It works on many insects and can also be used as a home fragrance.

Cypress Oil

Cypress oil is typically extracted from Mediterranean cypress. It is also the best Roach repellent.

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