Identify A Baby German Cockroach and Get Rid of It

The German cockroach is commonly found in the United States and can be identified easily. They are small-sized pestiferous insects that can move quickly in the cracks. These cockroaches can transmit diseases such as asthma allergies in humans. The German cockroach can reach your home through equipment dispersal and food. German roaches can cause many health problems for low-income societies; therefore, you must control them to reduce health-related threats. Baby German Cockroaches are also terrifying like their adults and can cause infections.

How to Identify Baby German cockroaches?

Keep reading this paragraph because I will help you identify baby German roaches here. These are very small, almost equal to the size of a penny, and have two stripes on their head. These dark brown baby German cockroaches have wings but these are not for flying. German baby cockroaches are not visible to the naked eye soon after the hatching. If you see an oval-shaped, 1/8-inch long, dark brown bug with 6 legs, it’s your baby German cockroach.

German BABY Cockroach

Where Can German Baby Cockroaches Hide?

We have discussed that the German baby roaches are tiny, and even we cannot see them soon after hatching. So this makes it easy for them to hide in places that adult cockroaches cannot access due to their size. German cockroaches can move very quickly and mostly become active at night. The development cycle of baby German cockroaches can take 100 to 200 days under normal conditions.

Life Cycle of a Baby German cockroach

The life cycle of a baby German cockroach start as the female cockroach lays eggs. Once the egg hatches, it becomes a nymph. The nymph will grow larger over time before becoming an adult cockroach. Depending on the conditions, the full life cycle can take anywhere from 100 to 200 days. It takes just one pregnant female to start an infestation in your home, and a female doesn’t require a mate to lay eggs.

Why do I have German Roaches?

German roaches can come to your house with many things. For example, when you buy furniture or other grocery items, cockroaches can come to your house along with these items. If you are living in a shared house, then it could also be one of the reasons. Food and water sources can also attract German roaches. They can also come to your house through cracks.

How do you get rid of baby German Roaches?

Though getting rid of baby German roaches is not easy, you must eliminate them because they can cause many health problems. Here are the tips that will help you eradicate German cockroaches. Multiple methods can be used, but pesticides are the most effective way. Pesticides can kill roaches and make your work easy. You can also use sprays, baits, and roach traps to kill cockroaches.

How to permanently kill German Roaches?

As we have discussed, pesticides can be used to kill roaches, but there are also some risks associated with pesticides because they can harm pets and kids. So, our expert suggests setting bait traps in the cracks where cockroaches are living, and if bait doesn’t fit in the cracks, you can also use gel bait. In this way, cockroaches affect each other. This method is yielding results for me, due to which I suggest using bait traps for all those who ask me for help in killing German roaches.


Baby German cockroaches are small dark brown colored creatures that can cause serious health issues. Get rid of these roaches by using pesticides, sprays, traps, or bait. If you are unsure how to eliminate them, then it’s better to consult an expert who manages and controls cockroaches.

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